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We at Folsom Ranch Veterinary Hospital want to acknowledge a very real emotion; that going to “the vet” can be a stressful event for both you and your pets. With that in mind, our premier, privately-owned hospital was assembled with one goal in mind. . .¬† to build and curate an experience that disarms the stress and anxiety typically experienced at a traditional veterinary clinic.

Upon entering our state of the art facility, you will immediately notice a difference. We will greet you at the door, check your family in, then ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to sit and relax. Refreshments, friendly faces and interactions with our skilled team will be delivered throughout your visit while we ensure topclass care for your pet.

Our team is comprised of veterinary professionals with decades of experience, unbridled compassion and empathy that is difficult to replicate.

We want to be your family veterinarian. We want to be there for you in urgent need. We are proud of what we have built for this community and we are ready to deliver an amazing experience and extraordinary level of care.

Welcome to Folsom Ranch Veterinary Hospital!

With Love,

The Team at FRVH

our services

Folsom Ranch provides a wide array of services including routine wellness, treating health concerns, dentistry, surgery and specialty care.


Urgent care

When unforeseen medical concerns arise, we are here to help. We will do everything we can to get your pet seen immediately. All you need to do is contact us.


tour our hospital

Welcome to our innovative, forward thinking facility designed with you and your pet’s comfort in mind. Equipped with advanced technology balanced with what’s tried and true, our facility can handle almost anything.


meet the team

The team at Folsom Ranch is a dedicated group of compassionate professionals including experienced veterinarians, skilled technicians, and an efficient support team. We look forward to meeting you.

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