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    Your pet has been presented in a critical or life-threatening state. To ensure clarity and avoid any misunderstandings, we kindly request your authorization to commence or continue care in an effort to stabilize your pet. Additionally, we seek your acceptance of financial responsibility for the necessary care. Our veterinarian will speak with you as soon as reasonably possible to go over your pets status and recommendations for treatments and/or care and one of our RVTs or VAs will provide you with a detailed written estimate of the total expected charges for the ongoing care, including any emergency treatments required.
    We understand the anxiety and concern that this situation may cause, and we are committed to supporting you throughout this process.

    To expedite matters, we kindly request that you review and sign one of the following agreements:

    Based on our assessment, the initial costs for critical care stabilization are estimated to be up to $800.00 or more. Please note that this estimate covers only the initial stabilization phase and does not encompass subsequent care, hospitalization, treatments, medications, or follow-up care. Please note that payment of this critical care deposit is required.I do not authorize critical care stabilization until I speak with the Veterinarian. By making this selection, I am not consenting to life saving stabilization.

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    In the unfortunate event that your pet experiences a cardiopulmonary arrest (his/her heart stops or he/she stops breathing on their own), we at FRVH need to know you and your family’s wishes on how you would like us to respond. Some families choose for us to pursue CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in an attempt to re-establish your pet’s heartbeat. Due to many understandable circumstances, some families ask that CPR is not pursued, designating their pet at DNR (do not resuscitate). Please know that we support and respect your family’s decision regardless of your reasoning. Please make your selection below:

    Please select one of the following:

    I wish to select CPR, including chest compressions and manual ventilation. I acknowledge the risks associated with CPR and consent to the initial resuscitation charges of $500-1000, knowing this total may substantially increase if extensive intervention is needed to recover my pet.I wish to select DNR, acknowledging that no life-saving measures will be deployed should my pet’s heartbeat or breathing capabilities stop.


    I am over 18 years of age and am the authorized owner and/or guardian for the aforementioned patient. I authorize Folsom Ranch Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care (FRVH) to perform treatment/procedure(s) on my pet(s) as recommended by FRVH's Veterinarians and employees. I was informed of the reasons for the treatment and or procedure(s), along with the expected benefits and risks involved. I confirm that by signing below, I understand the inheritable and sometimes unforeseen risks associated with veterinary care and release all liability, without exceptions, from Folsom Ranch Veterinary Hospital (FRVH) while treating my pet(s). I understand that payment is required for all services at the time they are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made with hospital management. I understand that deposits may be required prior to certain procedures. In the event that a refund is due and the original payment is a credit card, the refund will be posted against the original credit card. I also authorize FRVH to use pictures of my pet(s) for learning or marketing purposes. Consent will apply to all future pets added to this account unless and until I provide a written revocation of that consent.